ShapeShifter - A 68k Mac emulator for AmigaOS

ShapeShifter is now obsoleted by Basilisk II which also runs on AmigaOS. This page is only kept for completeness.

What is ShapeShifter?

ShapeShifter is a multitasking Macintosh-II emulator for the Amiga and DraCo computers. It allows to run Macintosh software concurrently to Amiga applications without hardware add-ons or modifications.

Some of the emulation's features:


OS2.1, 68020 processor, 4MB of RAM, HD floppy drive recommended. A copy of a Macintosh 512K or 1MB ROM and the Macintosh system software are not included, but required. The ROM can be read off of a real Mac by using a supplied program, the system software can be bought from Apple. Note, however, that reading the ROM is only legal if you have bought the ROMs or own a real Macintosh.

What's new in ShapeShifter V3.11?

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MacOS pre-emptively multitasks...on my Amiga!
The ShapeShifter makes it possible.

Christian Bauer